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Taking care of my mind as parents - It's the path to being a good parent, and it's essential.

Due to Covid-19, Kids couldn’t go to school, stayed home and took online classes. Many parents found it difficult to deal with having their children at home all the time without a break.

Some Kids can’t concentrate fully taking online classes, at times kids are either looking at their smartphones or even playing games instead of paying attention to their online classes which makes parents frustrated, angry and scold their children.

Every parent wants to be a good and kind parent but the pressure of having frustrated kids staying at home, with lack of exercise and unfocused mind and not studying can turn many parents into angry and impatient persons.

If you let go of your expectation about your children, you can find the right path to being a good parent.

Why is it that no matter how much knowledge you memorize to become a good parent, is not the same as being a good parent.

This is because the mind and their own standard  that parents have while living, makes it hard to see their kids point of view.

When I look back and reflect on  my behavior, thoughts and words toward my children  and remove them , my mind becomes bigger and more accepting.

With mindful meditation, your mind become more open and loving toward your children..

Empty this mind that has:

– Expectations and wishes toward my children
– I want my child to be the way I want it to be
– not trusting the child
– Whether I am trying to fill my sense of inferiority through my child, etc.
– Throw away all the mind, expectation and judgements you have built up.

What makes a difference through meditation:

– Easier to control your emotions.
– Accept your children as they are.
– Rather than nagging, you will be interested in what your child needs and asks.
– You become wiser when it comes to making decisions about your child.

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