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Mt.Fuji in the Distance

Meditation Founder

Great Teacher Woo Myung:
A Journey to Enlightenment
and Beyond

Born in a humble South Korean village, lived in a time of poverty but worked diligently and Woo Myung's path led him from a successful career as a businessman to a transformative quest for life's deeper meaning. His relentless search for enlightenment took him to Gaya Mountain, where he embarked on a profound inner journey.

In January 1996, Woo Myung achieved enlightenment by discarding his own mind world and becoming one with the Universe's mind. Realizing his destiny is to help humans awaken to the true mind.  He realized the key to a fulfilling life lay in letting go of one's accumulated thoughts and self, he has dedicated himself to guiding others towards Truth and oneness.

Today, he continues to travel the globe, sharing his wisdom and eagerly anticipating the day when all individuals break free from their suffering. His insightful books illuminate the path to enlightenment and serve as valuable companions to meditation practice. Today, there are more than 300 meditation centers in over 40 countries, with hundreds of thousands of practitioners of the 7-step meditation method.

View of Mt.Fuji

"The world where people live without the mind of self will be a truly joyful place to live, for all people will be of one mind.  Without the minds of suffering and burden, there will be days of endless laughter. 

It will be a world without divisions between nations; a just world where people are honored to live for others; a world where people work with laughter and live joyfully; a world where all people live well."

-Woo Myung

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