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Better Work Life

It doesn’t take much to become an irreplaceable employee; all you need to do is be genuine.

When interviewing new employees at Google, the most sought-after quality is the ability to do team-work and what they first look for is,’Is it someone you can collaborate with?’

This is because they can achieve greater results when they work together as a team than when they work alone despite their excellent individual skills.

The ability to collaborate has become a more necessary virtue in the changing times ever since humans adopted a rather free and independent lifestyle, but there is no place to teach it to you, so you have to acquire this skill yourself.

Your ability to collaborate improves as your receptivity increases.

Are you not accepting other people’s feedback and insisting on your point of view?

Are you offended because your opinion was not accepted?

Are you offended by positive criticism? Do you find it hard to work with the people at your work-place?

By cultivating positive thoughts and emotions inyour heart and increasing receptivity and accepting people and their opinion, you can work with everyone and achieve greater results.

If you reflect on yourself and discard your judgements and negative thoughts you can convert your mind into infinitely large empty canvas on which you can paint original thoughts and ideas.

When I look back on my life, I can understand exactly why my mind and character were formed this way. I can reach the bottom of every negative emotion that I have been harboring in me all this time.

If I discard allthe thoughts, my mind and visionbroadens and is clear of all the negative energies that were residing within me.

It increases your receptivity and gives you the strength to be with others. It gives you a different outlook, the kind of outlook that changes how you process other people’s opinion without feeling attacked. Finally, you become the most genuine version of you.

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