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Our Staff

Maria Klein

Maria's lifelong quest for the deeper meaning of life found its answer in this meditation practice. Through countless trials and tribulations of life and at times overwhelming amounts of anxiety it was eradicated through the dedicated practice, she discovered profound resolutions to the complex questions of life that once clouded her mind.


As a practitioner of this meditation method for over 13 years and a guide for over a decade. Her extensive experience includes conducting in-person one-on-one sessions, as well as facilitating group online meditation programs that cater to diverse audiences. Maria's adaptability in both settings allows her to connect with individuals on a personal level, as well as fostering a sense of community and belonging in group sessions.

Driven by a heartfelt desire to share this life-changing method, guiding people to  find joy and gratitude in their own practice. People from all corners of the world tap into the healing power of meditation through online platforms. She has facilitated meditation sessions for thousands of individuals globally as well as countless one to one sessions.

Youjin Jeong

Youjin Jeong is an experienced meditation practitioner with over 19 years of personal practice. Through meditation, he has discovered true happiness, peace, and his authentic self, realizing that these elements are found within the universe which is the clean mind and heart, rather than in the external world.

As a dedicated meditation guide, Youjin is passionate about sharing a powerful meditation method that enables individuals to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. He firmly believes that everyone can experience true happiness, peace, and their true selves through this transformative practice.

Blake Guss

Blake Guss’s journey into meditation began with a desire to overcome stress, anxiety, and internal pain. Seeking a path towards genuine happiness and peace, he discovered this powerful meditation practice that transformed his life in ways he never thought possible.

Through 12 years of dedicated practice, Blake found a deep sense of peace that allowed him to confidently navigate life's changes. His personal growth extended to improved health, emotional stability, and more fulfilling relationships, as he cultivated a profound spiritual connection to the world around him.

With a newfound wisdom and perspective, Blake's appreciation for life blossomed, and he began experiencing true gratitude for even the seemingly smallest aspects of his existence. This shift in outlook has inspired him to share the transformative power of meditation with thousands of others, guiding them on their own paths towards peace, self-discovery, and genuine happiness.

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