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It is Time to Let Go of All the Junk in the Mind

Imagine if you could not go to the bathroom – as in NO urination and NO defecation. Just accumulation of toxins and waste inside of your body. After a few weeks, you would probably die a horrible and smelly death. Thankfully, our bodies are built to excrete what is unnecessary when it comes to digestion. But have you ever heard that you can also excrete what is in your mind?

You probably have a lot of junk sitting there right now, don’t you? It works like this. Say you and an ex had a favorite song…. your song. But then they cheated on you and left you for a new person, and now, every time you hear that song, it triggers some painful memories. That is mental junk. The song itself is not painful, but you attached a feeling to it that does not serve you anymore.

What if I said that you can let that go? Thenat you could hear that song anytime without even a slight flinch. And not just that, but everything that makes you feel anxious, sad, depressed, lonely, and stressed… all of it? And what if I said that those problems were all made up in your mind which means that you hold all the power to get rid of it?

The answer to all these theoretical questions is YES, it is possible! From birth until now, we have only added and accumulated the “sh*t” into our minds and now it is time to let it go. This doesn’t mean to not possess material things or to give up your will. It means to not hold onto your thoughts and past images in your mind. This will create a space inside you that will bring you true fulfillment. Let us change the heavy mind that is clogged from past experiences to the true mind by following the steps of this meditation practice!

When you clear your mind from all the mental junk through this meditation method, you will find true positivity and clearness within you. Since the problem is within you, the answer is also within you.

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