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What do you appreciate?

What are we grateful for in life? When do you feel grateful? Is it just because you think that gratitude brings happiness into your life?

It seems easy yet difficult. This is because the feeling of gratitude doesn’t come out just by thinking with your head, going through the rationalization stage, and arguing, ‘I’m thankful for this and this and this’.

We also write a diary of gratitude and try to find out what we are grateful for. Of course, it is a very good activity.

It is highly recommended. But what kind of gratitude comes from within?

There is a saying You have to become a mother to know how a mother feels.

When we were young, we used to be whining a lot, complain a lot about things our mom didn’t do to us. Then when we get older and start having children, I think about how treated my mother when I was young. When I myself took care of, fed, clothed, and cleaned my child without sleeping, I began to feel the hard work and sacrifice of my parents that I had never known before. That’s when I feel a sense of gratitude.

If you are self-centered in your mind, you will not be able to feel grateful for others and those around you. you don’t feel that kind of feeling at all. Children never know what a mother sacrifices for her kids. As a child, his/her consciousness was not yet big and he/she did not know how to think of others. But even as an adult, not knowing how to be grateful is that my consciousness is still central to me, and I am not conscious of and feeling the world.

Everyone is self-centered. Meditation is what allows you to let go of that mind. If your mind and consciousness grow, you will be able to appriciate every little and big thing in the world. Thank for your parents, thank you for your job, thank you for your friends, and thank you for your spouse. Gratitude is happiness itself that is closest to my original mind.

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