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Better Focus

Do you ever sit and wonder

“How refreshing would it be if I could immediately throw away all the distractions and worries that bother me? Wouldn’t it be lovely if I could leave my stress outside before entering the house.”

You want to focus on the present, but your brain is all about the past and the future.

You want time to contemplate the life that makes you who you are without realizing that your time is wasted on pointless thoughts and distractions.

How long have you been piling on worries, stress, anxieties and distractions…

We have thousands of thoughts in our mind, thousands of memories etched in our brain, constantly resurfacing every day. These thoughts and memories are like a photographic film or tapes of a movie that float around in our head.

They are charged with a myriad of emotions, some are good and some are bad.

These  thoughts and emotions can intervene with our daily life and undermine our focus on more important things in life.

“When I get rid of unnecessary thoughts inside me, my mind is clear and I become more light-hearted.” That’s what we try to achieve on a daily basis. Getting rid of the unnecessary thoughts clogging up our minds is crucial for our effective reasoning.

Empty this mind:

– Rid yourself of every thought that has occupied your mind lately
– Anxiety, worry, fear of being criticized and not accepted for who you are
– Caring about other people’s opinions and forgetting your own worth
– Negatively charged emotions, angst, hatred
– The desire to be recognized,
– The unhealthy expectations from people and life itself,
– The desiresthat make you obsessed and makes you think irrationally

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