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Anxiety / Stress

How to deal with sterss, anxiety, and worries

People get stressed when they struggle with what they are doing when things do not work out as they expected, and when there is no progress as a result. And when other incidents happen in addition to all of that considerable stress adds up.

All of this stress comes from the self-constructed and narrow mind that is unable to accept. For example even when people face the same issue, some will experience less stress and others more.

The level of stress experience depends on the size of the individual’s mind. People’s stress exist in their own minds, and is triggered when their minds cannot accept something. Whereas when you discard this and have the mind that has absolutely nothing in it you will have no stress. Anxiety means one becomes anxious when one cannot handle his or her mind. Some people do not get anxious even under uneasy circumstances but others get anxious because their mind lacks inner strength. In one’s mind, there is a lot of anxiety if one has lived an anxious life in the past. when you throw away the life lived and the circumstances in your life that have caused anxiety the anxiety disappears.

Every person has worries. worrying is being concerned about future events before they even happen. One has worries when they have no confidence in their mind. One has worries when they cannot do their job properly. One has worries when they are not satisfied with the realities of the life they are living.

In order to eliminate these worries, discard your mind that gives rise to the worries: then there will be no worries. When you discard and eliminate your karma habits and body there is no stress anxiety and worries.

Practice discarding method with us.

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