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Better Sleep

Insomnia. How to beat insomnia by removing the negative mind.

Why can’t I sleep much… Waking up during the sleep on my own or by the slightest noise. I have a hard time falling asleep, and wake up dozens of times throughout the night. I always wake up before dawn amid the need to sleep more.

The cause is tens of thousands of thoughts

Everyone must have had this experience at least once. When I lay down in bed before going to sleep, all sorts of thoughts run through my head. These thoughts not only keep me wide awake at nights but also wake me up at odd times as well. Everyone has good memories, bad memories, and tens of thousands of thoughts from experiences lived. These memories are images, like a movie that float around in my head. What’s more, bad memories, worries, and anxieties are very strongly entrenched. These various worries, and thoughts become stressful and are the biggest factor in insomnia, which interferes with my deep sleep.

The cause is tens of thousands of thoughts

STEP 1. Find out the cause of insomnia
Learn how to identify and discard psychological factors that prevent you from falling asleep, such as unexplained anxiety, worry, and pressure.

STEP 2. Throw away the inner mind, the root cause
As I look back on my life, I relax the body and mind by subtracting the countless minds such as memories and distorted emotions in the subconscious mind.

STEP 3. Insomnia disappears
Anxiety and worry will disappear, and you will be able to have a deep sleep with the most comfortable mind.

What makes a difference through meditation

– At some point, you will find yourself sleeping peacefully.
– You can lead an active life by improving the quality of sleep.
– Frequent stress completely disappears.
– Efficacy of Daily work is improved.
– Instead of comparing myself to others, I see myself as I am.
– Your mind is expanded, allowing you to see the other person’s point of view.

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